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Ask a VOM Worker: More About Bethlehem

Bethlehem today

Question: What are your thoughts about your recent visit with Christians in Bethlehem, where today most people are Muslims?

Answers: Traveling to Bethlehem and meeting Christians there is very special. Knowing that Jesus was born there, and now 2,000 years later meeting followers of that same Jesus shows me God’s faithfulness to his children.

I met Pauline and her three children, whose father, Rami, will not be coming home anymore. [Rami was the manager of a bookstore in Gaza that sold Christian books. A few years ago, radical Muslims kidnapped Rami and shot him, and sadly, he died. Rami was 26 years old.]

Pauline hears stories of how Rami affected people with his generous faith. Meeting Pauline showed me that our brothers and sisters in that region need us to pray for them.



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