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Letters Encourage Uzbekistan Christians

Shestakov family
Pastor Shestakov’s family today

Pastor Dmitry Shestakov was in prison in Uzbekistan from 2007 to 2011 because of his Christian activities. You can read a story about his daughter Vera in the post Uzbekistan: Vera Update.

Many Christians wrote the pastor letters while he was in prison, using instructions from VOM’s PrisonerAlert website. Here is what he said about the letters:

“These letters gave a great encouragement to us. We all read them! And when we feel ourselves a part of a large Christian family, we are filled with joy. People pray for us, think of us. They send cards. Someone took the time. Every time we re-read and reviewed all of this and filled with joy!”

VOM president, Jim Dau, said, “Testimonies like this from our persecuted family illustrate why VOM continues to encourage readers to write to Christians in prison.”

Read the post Writing to Prisoners to learn more about how to write letters to prisoners.


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