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Ibrahim’s New Life

Ibrahim in a tree
Ibrahim in a tree

The following story is taken from Bold Believers in Ethiopia, available in the free Downloads section of this site.

Jesus said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20, NIV).

Ibrahim was a teenager in Ethiopia. He came from a family of 12 generations of Muslims. That means Ibrahim’s great, great, nine-times-great-grandfather, and everyone in the family who came after him, were all Muslims.

Mulu was 3 years older than Ibrahim. Mulu went from house to house telling people in Ethiopia the truth about Jesus.

One day, Mulu met Ibrahim and shared the Good News of Jesus with him. The Good News is that Jesus finished the work necessary for our salvation when he died on the cross. Christians do good works in obedience to God. But they know good works are not enough to save them. Only Jesus can save people.

Ibrahim was not happy that Mulu shared the Good News with him. Instead, he was angry! Like other Muslims, he believed that people must try to earn their way to heaven by doing good deeds. He also did not believe that a Christian should share the gospel with a Muslim. Ibrahim planned to attack and hurt Mulu.

But after thinking about what Mulu said, Ibrahim decided to follow Christ! Ibrahim’s Muslim relatives did not want a Christian in the family. They chased him from their home.

Like Jesus, Ibrahim had “nowhere to lay his head.” The only place he could find to sleep was in a tree. Hyenas could attack him in the night if he lay on the ground. But hyenas do not climb trees.

Muslims burned down Mulu’s house because he led more than 600 people to Christ. Muslim began to threaten Ibrahim, too. “It’s hard to face these problems,” Ibrahim said. “But my faith keeps me strong.”

Praise God that Ethiopians are turning to Christ, and ask him to protect them.

Note: Some Christians in Ethiopia celebrate Timket on January 19th. The celebration honors the baptism of Jesus.

Find instructions for making an Ethiopian cross on pages 34–35 of Bold Believers in Ethiopia.


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  1. Thank God for your life ibrahim, the lord whom you have made your God will never leave you or forsake you, keep holding on, never give up.The LORD ALMIGHTY will surely help you.


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