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Egyptian Boys Arrested

Egyptian children
Egyptian children playing in the garbage

Two boys in Egypt were arrested recently for “blaspheming the Quran.” The boys, Nabil Nagy Rizk, age 10, and Mina Nady Faraq, age 9, are from Christian families.

“Blasphemy” means a word or deed that dishonors something holy. The Quran is the Muslim holy book.

A Muslim leader in the boys’ village said that the boys had torn up pages of a Quran. The father of one of the children said that the boys cannot read and did not know what the pages said. He said they found the pages among garbage in the street.

Thankfully, the boys were later released, and their case was closed.

Enterblasphemy” in the search box on this site to read other stories about Christians who have been accused of dishonoring Islam in Muslim countries. Pray for Christians in those countries.



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