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Church Picnic in Morocco


A Christian in Morocco took the photo at a picnic in a park. The Coca-Cola can has Arabic writing on it. Arabic is the official language of Morocco.

The Christians at the picnic wanted to meet together to worship God. But that can be difficult in Morocco, especially for Christians who used to be Muslims. Most Moroccans are Muslims, and the government does not want them to leave Islam and follow Jesus.

So the Christians prepared a picnic lunch and met in a big park, far from other park visitors. The pastor read from the Bible to the 11 adults and seven children at the worship service. The Christians prayed and sang Christians songs.

All but two of the Moroccans in the picnic congregation had been to jail at least once for their faith. They know they could go to jail again. But they love Jesus and want and want to worship him with other Christians.

Praise God for the courage of Moroccan Christians and ask him to protect them.

(To learn more about Christians in Morocco, read Bold Believers in Morocco, found in the free Download section of this site.)



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