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Election Day

On Election Day in the United States, citizens vote for candidates running for president and other public offices.

In recent years, a church in Uzbekistan held an unusual election. Two choices appeared on the ballot:

  • Will we follow the instructions of the police?
  • Will we follow the Bible?

The police said that the Christians were not allowed to meet together to worship God because their church was not registered with the government. However, the government would not register the church.

The congregation decided to follow the Bible. No one voted for the other choice, even though they knew they would be persecuted for their decision. After the vote, the police constantly gave the congregation a hard time. Once they arrested everyone at a youth group meeting and burned their Bibles. Later, officials kicked the pastor and his family out of the country.

Christians in many countries continue to trust God even when it is risky to follow Him.

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.” (See Joshua 24:15.)

Christians around the world serve God in a variety of circumstances. God encouraged the Christians in Uzbekistan as they continued to meet as an unregistered church. Click here to read a story about how God is helping Christians in the Middle East find new opportunities to share His Word even when they can’t gather in person due to the coronavirus. Enter “virus” in the Search box to learn how Christians in other areas  trust and serve God in today’s challenging conditions.