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Brave Christian Saves Children from Bomb

Awuna’s hand was injured by the bomb

Awuna was working as a volunteer at a hospital in Nigeria when he heard gunshots outside. Christians are often attacked in Nigeria, so Awuna decided to go home where he would be safer.

As he rode his motorbike toward his house, he remembered that it was Friday. The children at his church would be practicing for a Sunday school program. Instead of going home, Awuna went to the church.

When he got to the church, the children were crying. Awuna saw a can in the church with a wire hanging out of the opening. Awuna had never seen a bomb, but he thought the can might be dangerous to the children. He picked it up to throw it out the window. Awuna didn’t stop to think that it might hurt him. The bomb exploded in his hand.

The blast knocked him to the ground. But the children were safe. None of them were hurt.

Awuna spent several months in the hospital. At first he was angry with the people who caused his pain, but then other Christians began to visit him, pray for him, and read the Bible to him. Little by little, God helped him forgive those who had persecuted him.

“Before the attack, I was not a strong Christian,” Awuna said. “I just went to church on Sundays. But having Christians encourage and pray for me bought me closer to Christ.”

To Think About: Can you think of someone you can encourage and pray for? Your encouragement might help them grow closer to Christ.



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