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“I Carry Him in My Heart”


The following story is from Thirteen Three, The Voice of the Martyrs Australia’s youth program.

Lai’s Story

Lai is 18 years old, born and raised in a tribal village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. His parents became Christians when he was very young and his father became a pastor.

Although Lai hasn’t faced any persecution directly (thankfully), he remembers when he was a child and the authorities entered his family’s home, bound his parents and took them away.

Lai was left at home. He had no idea where they were taken and they were gone for many hours. It was only when Lai was older that he found out what happened to them that day.

Lai wept as he told us what took place…

The authorities had taken his parents to the village square and publicly humiliated them for their faith in Jesus. The villagers also hurled insults at his parents, who remained silent. After hours of torment, the villagers were told to have nothing more to do with this family.

I could hear the pain in Lai’s voice and see the sorrow that is still in his heart. His family’s reputation and his father’s ministry had been destroyed.

But I could also see a glint of hope in his eyes as he began to tell us about his love for God and for the Gospel.

He may only be 18 but Lai knows he wants to serve the Lord with his life. For he knows that he has a sure and certain hope that far outweighs anything he could go through in this world.

I carry him in my heart.

Please pray for Bible college students like Lai, that God will continue to give them the strength and courage to serve Him every day.


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  1. Incredible! I had no idea that things like this happened until I started reading these posts. Thank you, VOM, for making these faithful people known.


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