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Make a Bold Believers CD Photo Album


Use the following instructions to make an album of prayer reminders for persecuted Christians.

Supplies Needed: Option One
Two 12-inch by 12-inch sheets of scrapbook paper for each album; five blank or unwanted CDs or DVDs; craft bond all- purpose glue; string, ribbon, yarn, or thin rope; scissors; hole punch; pencil.

With the hole punch, make two holes in the top of one of the CDs about an inch apart. Using the punched CD as a pattern, mark the other four discs with a pencil, and punch holes in them. Trace around the CD 10 times on the scrapbook paper with a pencil. Cut out the 10 circles.

Liberally apply glue to the back of a circle and place on the disc. Rub thoroughly, especially at the edges, to make sure the glue adheres to the disc. Turn the disc over and punch holes in the circle on the disc. Repeat on the back of the disc and both sides of the remaining four discs.

Cut the string or ribbon long enough to thread through all the discs and loose enough to open and close the pages of the album. Tie in the back of the album.

Find photos of people in countries where Christians are persecuted in The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or on Kids of Courage or VOM websites. Photocopy or print the photos to glue to the album. Or photocopy them on sticker paper, cut them out, and stick them to the album pages. Add prayer points and decorations if desired.

Supplies Needed: Option Two
Use the same materials but substitute contact paper for scrapbook paper. No glue is needed.



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