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The Next Generation of Believers


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“When I talk with parents about persecution, a common concern they share is their hesitation to share this with their children. Many parents are afraid it might confuse or frighten their children. They worry that knowing about persecution might discourage their child’s young faith from growing.

“But what I have experienced is the complete opposite. If presented properly, it does not upset children, but builds up their faith. It triggers a loving response in them because they feel a connection with other Christians and want to reach out to them. This builds up their understanding of unity.

“The message of the persecuted church is not a message of hopelessness and fear, but of Christ empowering his followers with overcoming faith and strength.

“Read 2 Timothy 1:8. What an awesome way to impart to our children the fellowship of the body, and not just teach it to our children, but to live it with our children. What a tremendous opportunity we have to build up the next generation of believers!”

What do you think about sharing stories of persecution with children?

One Response to The Next Generation of Believers

  1. Reina Cruz- area rep | October 26, 2012 at 3:48 PM | Reply

    My experience teaching children about other persecuted children was tremendous & a blessing seeing them so interested in the subject of china. They constantly asked question & were impressed by boldly children defending there faith. They were encourage to defend there faith in Christ, too. And are ready to share with other children the gospel. I loved to hear how they prayed for there fellowship in Christ. They really inspire any adult!!


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