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God Is Greater

Spreading the Gospel
Christians spread the gospel in challenging conditions

A recent report tells about a man who was in jail for practicing Christianity in a country where Christians are not allowed to witness freely. He continued to share his faith in jail, and 35 people were saved! There was no other way to baptize the new Christians, so they were baptized in a toilet. He used the conditions he was given to serve God.

The man was released from prison and did not know what happened to the new Christian prisoners he left behind. Later God allowed him to meet them again. He was happy to learn that some are still faithfully serving God and had even become pastors.

The man also wanted to share the gospel with people in a remote area of his country. He was waiting for the rain to stop before he traveled. The report continued, “He felt the Holy Spirit telling him that during the Lord’s time on earth, there were no motorable roads, and Paul and the other apostles never had the opportunity to travel by bus or taxi….He realized he was not to wait for better weather conditions, but to move, understanding that our God is greater and bigger than any circumstance or condition he could face.” Again, he used the conditions he was given to serve God.

(Source: Vision Beyond Borders)

To Think About: Are you waiting for better conditions or a different situation before you share the love of God with someone?

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