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Indonesia Update


Kids of Courage published a story in 2004 about a Christian family in Indonesia. Mr. Pindongo, the father in the family, was a bus driver. One day while he was working, he saw a bag on the street. He thought a passenger had dropped the bag. So he stopped and picked it up, but it exploded. The Pindongo family lived in an area where radical Muslims had attacked many Christians.

Mr. Pindongo lost his hands and much of his eyesight in the attack, and his leg was injured. His daughter Ningsih and her brother Melky helped their mother care for Mr. Pindongo.

“I do not hate the people who did this to my father because they don’t know what they are doing,” Ningsih said at the time. “I’m grateful, because God always walks with us.”

The Voice of the Martyrs recently received the photo above of Mr. Pindongo sharing about his love for God. Praise God for helping persecuted Christians stay faithful to him even after they have suffered for their faith.


One Response to Indonesia Update

  1. Amazing how these people can go on even after tragedies like that!
    We in America are SO spoiled. Praise the Lord he didn’t die, and that his kids are still praising the Lord after all that’s happened. Thank you, KOC, for showing us these stories.


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