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Persecuted for Sharing the Gospel

Nadia and her family now
Pakistan man reading a Christian book

Rachid is a 7-year-old boy in Pakistan. Rachid’s uncle, Kazim, is an evangelist. After working as a farmer during the day, Kazim rode his bicycle from place to place at night telling people the good news of Jesus.

One night as he was getting ready, six radical Muslim men came to his house. The men did not like Kazim because he taught Muslims about Jesus.

Kazim whispered to Rachid, who was nearby, “Please take my Bible and keep it with you.” Kazim knew that the Muslims might try to harm him. They had tried to force him to give up his faith in Christ once before. He wanted to make sure his Bible would be safe.

Refusing to Deny Christ
Shafiq, the leader of the Muslims, got out his gun. He pointed at Kazim’s head and said, “Today I will shoot you if you do not accept the Prophet Muhammad as a true prophet.”

Muhammad was the man who founded Islam, the religion of Muslims, about 1,500 years ago. He did not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, or that people are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus.

Kazim could not agree that Muhammad was a true prophet. He said to Shafiq, “I cannot do this.”

But instead of pulling the trigger, Shafiq called the police and had Kazim arrested for robbery. While Kazim was in jail for the false charge, Shafiq moved into Kazim’s house and claimed all Kazim’s possessions as his own!

Kazim and his family moved to another village where Christians helped them start a new life. The Voice of the Martyrs helped Kazim set up a new business to earn money. Kazim still shares the gospel with others.



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