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Eighty children from Christian families left their homes in Bangladesh. Their parents thought they were sending the children to nearby cities to get an education, which is a common practice in Bangladesh. But then they lost contact with their children and began searching for them.

Eleven of the children were rescued from Muslim boarding schools where they were punished if they didn’t say Muslim prayers or read the Quran. (The Quran is the Muslim holy book.) Muslim religious leaders had taken them to the school.

Pray for the children who are still missing and for those who have been returned to their families.



A pastor and his family in India showed kindness by giving someone a ride in their van. During the drive, they played Christian music and testimonies in the van. Their passenger made phone calls to non-Christians in the village they were approaching. When they got to the village, a mob of more than 300 people attacked their van, breaking out the windows. The mob demanded the audio of the Christian songs and testimonies.

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