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Angry Woman from Iran

Young Woman in Iran
Young Woman in Iran

Farideh was angry. At her home in Iran, she found a Christian program on TV and listened to what the announcer said about Jesus. But she didn’t like it, and she didn’t believe it. Most people in Iran are Muslims who do not believe that Jesus can save us from sin.

She called the TV station and left an angry seven-minute message. “What are you people doing?” she said. “You are all evil!” At the end of her long message, she slammed down the phone.

Niki, a worker at the station, listened to the message. “It was hard for me to listen to,” said Niki. “There was much anger and horrible language. But the Lord gave me a burden for her, and I knew I needed to call her back.”

Niki was fearful as she dialed Farideh’s number. When Farideh realized that the call was from the Christian TV station, she yelled, “Who gave you the right to call me? I don’t want to talk to you!”

Niki quietly answered, “I could tell by your message that you have been deeply hurt, and that you need to talk to someone.”

Farideh was still angry. “What are you talking about?” she said. “You don’t know anything! Life has been very hard for me.”

Niki replied, “God has put it in my heart to tell you that he truly loves you and cares for you. He will not leave you or hurt you.”

Then Farideh began to weep. “This is the first time I have been angry at someone and they responded to me like you have,” she said. “Why are you kind to me?”

Niki answered, “This love is not from me. It’s from God. Please may I help you to know the God who loves you?”

Niki and Farideh had several more conversations, and Niki arranged for Farideh to get a Bible. Farideh felt peace as she read God’s word, and a few days later she gave her life to Jesus! She apologized to Niki for her anger and rude language and said, “Now I’ve begun to live! I’m so happy!”

Source: IAM

Please pray that all who hear God’s word in Iran will understand it and come to God through Jesus.


One Response to Angry Woman from Iran

  1. Dear VOM workers,
    This is a very encouraging story. I am praying for the persecuted Christians around the world.
    Praise God for His love towards His children!
    I hope that God will bless your ministry a whole bunch!

    In Christ,
    Sarah McCoy


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