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Children’s Programs Raided


Last month, police raided a summer church camp for elementary-age children in China. The police were joined by several other government officials and even public school principals.

The officials recorded the names of everyone present, and they took a computer and a projector. Three teachers were taken away for questioning. The officials said that children must not become religious believers.

Earlier this month, police in another place in China raided a house church Sunday school. They rounded up 70 children and their teachers for questioning. Seven teachers were locked up in a detention center.

In some areas of China, police ignore Sunday school classes and other Christian programs for children. In other areas, officials try to keep children from learning about God and Jesus.

When you attend church or Sunday school this week, remember to pray for children in China. If you have the opportunity, tell someone about the children’s programs that were raided and ask others to pray also.



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