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As a boy, John Bunyan enjoyed playing tipcat and other popular games of the time. During one tipcat game, God led him to understand that life was not all play, and he began to seek God’s will for his life.

Tipcat has been played in various forms around the world for hundreds of years. Today, players can buy tipcat equipment on the Internet. Equipment includes one large stick and a smaller stick about 3 to 6 inches long and sometimes pointed on both ends.

The smaller stick is placed on the ground. Using the larger stick, a player hits one end of the smaller stick, flipping it up in the air. As the smaller stick rises, the player hits it with the long stick. Points are awarded based on how far the stick goes after it is hit. Some versions of the game include fielders chasing the stick.

To play your own version of tipcat, put an inflated balloon on the floor and use a long-handled cooking spoon to tap in gently so it rises, then hit the balloon with the spoon while it is in the air. It may take some practice to tap the balloon so that it rises before you hit it.



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