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The John Bunyan Story


Nine-year-old John Bunyan lived in England in the 1600s. He was a troublemaker. He lied, stole, cursed, and got into fights. Secretly John worried that he was not living a life pleasing to God. But he could not seem to stop his bad behavior. As he grew older, his behavior did not get any better, and he had no peace.

John decided to try to be good, hoping his good works would make him feel better. He married, went to church, and got a job as a tinker. (A tinker repaired pots, pans, and kettles.) Then he met some women who seemed to have joy and peace in the Lord. The women and their pastor encouraged him to trust in Jesus, who save those who cannot save themselves. John listened to them and gave his life to the Lord!

John began preaching to others about the truths in the Bible. But preaching outside of the official government church was against the law. John was arrested, and he went to jail.

In prison, he missed his family and worried about how much they had to suffer without him at home to help them. He began to write a story about a Christian who experienced many struggles as he followed the path God set before him.

John was released from prison after 12 years. In 1678, he published his story, which was called Pilgrim’s Progress. The book became a best seller. Long after John Bunyan’s death, it has encouraged Christians to stand firm in the faith.

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