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Buddhists and the Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama

July 6 was the Dalai Lama’s 77th birthday. The Dalai Lama is an important spiritual leader among Buddhists who follow Tibetan Buddhism. Some of the countries where Tibetan Buddhists live are Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, China, and India. They also live in Tibet, a country taken over by China in the 1950s.

When China took over Tibet, the Dalai Lama fled the country with thousands of his followers. They knew that the communists who ruled China would try to get rid of Buddhists and followers of other religions. Today in Tibet, Christians are trapped between Buddhist and communist oppression.

Go to the Beliefs section of this site to find charts comparing Christianity to Buddhism and other faiths.

The Dalai Lama speaks a lot about peace and tolerance, and has many friends in the U.S. Actors and other famous people are photographed with him when he visits America. Some people in the U.S. are becoming Buddhists because they believe it will make their life better.

Pray for the Dalai Lama this week, and for his followers and those who are considering becoming his followers. Pray that they will understand that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, and the path to true peace.


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