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Ask a VOM Worker: Travel

Travel Slideshow

A reader in Ohio wrote the following to The Voice of the Martyrs.

“I think it is nice that you help people learn about God. How do you travel? I try to read my Bible every night and remember to pray for my family. Sincerely, Isabella.”

A VOM worker who has traveled to many countries answers:

“We definitely travel in unique ways overseas. I have personally ridden a camel, and two elephants in the field, although those were mostly just for fun! We always start our trips in an airplane, and we have ridden in some very large airplanes and some very small ones. The smallest one I have flown in could only seat four people, the larger ones can seat over 200 people! Then we usually will travel by a taxi. We also take boats, sometimes a large ferry, and sometimes a small canoe. I have ridden motorbikes on occasion, and, of course, sometimes we need to travel on a bus or train.

“No matter how we travel, our goal is to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering for Jesus, and we are able to help hundreds of them each year in over 40 countries. God has blessed us with an amazing opportunity to serve Him!”

The slideshow included with this post shows unique ways of transportation encountered by VOM workers in their travels.


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