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Family Faces Villagers’ Anger

Children in Bangladesh reading a children’s Bible

A worker from VOM’s family of missions told the following story about a Christian family:

We had to fly for 11 hours, drive for 7 hours, take a boat for a half hour, and ride on a motorbike taxi to reach the family we wanted to visit.

Akash is a quiet 12-year-old boy. His sister, Rupa, is 8. They live with their family in between two rice fields. After the harvest, the rainy season comes. Puddles and lakes fill up quickly. During this season, the farmers become fishermen.

Akash and Rupa’s family used to be Muslims. All the other people in their village are Muslims. Not long ago, their lives changed. One day, a young man visited the village. He talked with the people and told Bible stories. Akash and Rupa like that very much. Their parents were also impressed, and they let the young man come back to visit them.

The man was an evangelist who spread the gospel. He told the family that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to forgive our sins. In Islam, the religion of Muslims, there is no one who can take away sins. The whole family trusted Jesus and felt the love of God in the hearts.

Soon the news traveled through the village. The whole village turned against the family because they had become Christians. The family was no longer allowed to get water from the village water pump.

Many kids at school treat Akash and Rupa badly. They are teased and hit. “I don’t fight back,” said Akash. “I don’t dare to. Even my dad was beaten up. He still has a scar on his head.”

The family does not even think about leaving the Lord Jesus. Happily, more villagers have come to faith in Jesus. So they don’t feel so alone anymore.

Please pray that peace will come to the village and more villagers will come to Jesus.


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