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“I Love to Serve”

Girls reading children’s Bibles

Najwa is a Christian in Pakistan. She had to quit school after 8th grade because her family was poor. They needed Najwa to go to work to help them buy food.

Najwa found a job cleaning at a hospital. “I was very happy to find this job,” Najwa said.

During her breaks, Najwa read her Bible. One day, a Muslim girl asked her, “What are you reading?” Najwa answered, “I am reading about Jesus.”

“Who is Jesus?” the Muslim girl asked.

“He is the Son of God. He does many miracles,” Najwa answered.

A few days later, the Muslim girl told Najwa that she would like to learn more about Jesus. Najwa asked her pastor for a New Testament and gave it to the girl. “I prayed for her so she would understand about Christ,” Najwa said.

Then two more Muslim girls asked Najwa for New Testaments! Najwa got the books for the girls and added them to her prayer list.

After a while, the director of the hospital found out that Najwa was telling Muslims about Jesus, and Najwa was fired from her job. She has had similar problems and even more serious persecution on other jobs. But she told friends of VOM, “I love to serve the kingdom, so I will never stop my work even if I face more persecution than this.”

Please pray for Najwa and other Christians who boldly share their faith at school and on their jobs in Pakistan.



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