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Precious Gatherings


About 3 million people live in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is a city in the West Bank today. The majority of the people in the territories are Muslim Palestinian Arabs.

Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited the region and learned about the problems Christian students face at schools in the territories. “They often have a very difficult time,” said one worker. “Because they are so outnumbered by Muslims, it is easy for them to feel isolated and alone. Some have even been attacked and beaten up. Also the schools may teach them a bad view of Christianity.”

Christian adults help the students get together with others who are facing the same problems. The adults help the kids understand what the Bible says about persecution. “These gatherings are precious times of encouragement, love, and training,” said the VOM worker.

To learn more about Christians in Gaza and the West Bank, download Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank from the Downloads section.


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