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“Smart” Persecution

Turkish Children

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited a Christian in Turkey. The worker said Turkish Christians often face “smart” persecution.

“Sometimes believers in Turkey do face violent persecution,” said the worker. “But they also face ‘smart’ persecution.”

One example of smart persecution happens when Christian workers are treated unfairly on their jobs. They may not be hurt physically, but can be burdened by bad treatment from Muslim bosses and workers.

In other cases, officials hassle churches and missionaries with bothersome rules, hoping they will give up their work for the Lord. At school, teachers and students may try to get kids who have become Christians to return to Islam. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

“It is called ‘smart’ persecution because it works,” said the VOM worker. “And also because it is easy for the persecutors to deny that they are doing it and for officials to ignore it.”

Note: May 19th is Youth and Sports Day in Turkey. The holiday honors Ataturk, a past leader of Turkey. Pray for children and youth in Turkey.



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