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Cuba: Nothing Stops Pedro


Free From Sin
Pedro, who lives in Cuba, was a delinquent. (His picture is shown to the left. His face is covered to protect his identity.) A delinquent is someone who does not obey the law. Pedro spent a lot of time in jail because of all the crimes he committed.

Then Pedro learned that Christ can save people from a sinful life, and he gave his life to Jesus! He was free from being a slave to sin! Do you think Pedro quit going to jail? Well, no, he did not.

Pedro was so excited about his new freedom in Christ that he wanted to tell EVERYONE about it. He even began witnessing in parks and preaching on the streets.

Eager for the Good News
Cuba’s communist government controls Christian activities in their country. Government officials did not approve of Pedro’s preaching and witnessing. Pedro believes he should follow the Bible’s command to share the gospel, with or without government approval. (See Matthew 28:19,20; Mark 16:15; and 2 Timothy 4:2.)

For many years, the Cuban government persecuted Christians severely. Today Christians are treated less harshly. But many Cubans who grew up in earlier times have not heard the truth about Jesus. They are eager to learn what Jesus teaches them. Some even kneel and pray with Pedro in public.

Back to Jail
Because of his public witnessing, the police put Pedro in jail. Now Pedro had a new audience! He shared the Good News with other prisoners and even with his jailers. He told the jailers: “You know who I was; a delinquent who was always in prison, but Christ freed me. How could I not tell what He has done for me? If you have brought me here to this jail, it is because you also need Jesus.”

The jailers could not keep Pedro quiet, so they let him go, warning him not to preach in public. Acts 4:13-20 tells about Peter and John getting a similar warning. Peter and John said, “We cannot help but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” Pedro also continued preaching.

After a while, Pedro got on a train and traveled to other cities to preach. In the city of Villa Clara, he was again thrown in jail for his preaching.

The police in Villa Clara wanted to check up on Pedro, so they called the jailers at his former jail. The jailers told them, “This guy caused us more damage inside jail than out in freedom because he wouldn’t stop preaching!”

Risky Business
Pedro often hands out Christian pamphlets. Where do you suppose he likes to pass them out? Pedro especially likes to give out pamphlets in police stations! This might be risky, but nothing stops Pedro!

Sometimes the police come to him later and secretly ask for a Bible, just as Nicodemus secretly came to Jesus (John 3). The police tell Pedro they need what he is preaching about.

Sometimes Pedro gets in trouble for his “risky” behavior. But if he did not risk his comfort, the police and other Cubans might never hear the message Jesus has called us to proclaim.

Praise God for Pedro and other faithful servants in Cuba, and ask Him to continue to strengthen them in their faith and witness.