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China: Youth Prepare for Risky Missions


Some Christian youth in China attend a very unusual school. One thing that makes it so different is that the principal does not come to school very often. Another thing is that the students stay at the school for up to a year and rarely go outside. This school also has a prayer room where students sit or kneel to pray on mats on the floor.

The school is a secret training school for future evangelists and pastors. The students range in age from 16 to 20. They are required to complete the ninth grade before the school accepts them as students.

In China, Christian training is illegal for anyone under 18. Any Christian activity outside the “official church” is not approved by the authorities. The school is not part of the state-approved church.

“If you join an official church, they will control you and control your church,” said the school’s principal. “You will not have freedom of worship. It is better to follow God and not the government. Every Christian knows that.” Because of his Christian activities, the principal is in danger of arrest. He stays in hiding much of the time.

The students are hidden during their year of training, too. They may go out once a week to shop for personal items, but they must come back “real fast,” the principal said. The students have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. They know that their time at the school is good preparation for the persecution that may come to them in the future.

As many as 20 students attend the school, about half are boys and half are girls. They live in dorm-like rooms with bunk beds. Some are not accustomed to being so far away from home. One girl had to take a 25-hour train ride to get to the school.

In the mornings the students learn as much as they can about the Bible. An English teacher teaches them English in the afternoons. They also learn how to share their faith.

The Voice of the Martyrs representatives have encouraged the students by letting them know that Christians in other countries are praying for them. Would you like to join those who are praying? Their principal shared these prayer requests: “Pray God prepares very good teachers to teach them. Pray they are secure in the Lord and secure in Jesus Christ. Also pray for their safety. Safety is very important. They are very young. They have left their families for one year, and their families care about them.



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