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LaosMother and child in Laos

The Voice of the Martyrs recently learned about a Christian school teacher in a communist country who is standing for the truth in a difficult situation. The teacher, Anong, takes care of her elderly parents with the money she earns at her job. She also pays for her younger brother to attend college. At her church, she teaches children and youth.

Anong was pleased when the principal at her school told her that he wanted to give her a raise. He said that the government would also pay for her to get more education.

But then she learned that the government expected something from her in return. Officials said she must stop being a Christian! If she did, she would receive their rewards. If she did not give up her faith, she would lose her job and get nothing. “I will not deny Jesus,” said Anong. “I believe God will help me, and he prepares good things for me.”

The Voice of the Martyrs will help Anong. Thank God for Anong’s faithfulness, and pray for her and her family.



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