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Ropes, Tarps, and Poles Form a Church in Indonesia

Setting up a tent in Indonesia

Police in Indonesia sealed a church in Indonesia and would not let the members enter. So the congregation met for worship beside the road in front of the church. “The pastors who brought the sermons spoke about loving those who hate you,” said a church member. The church continued meeting outside for more than a year.

“When it looked like we would have rain on our church service, we used ropes, plastic tarps, and bamboo poles,” one church member said. “We would tie the big plastic tarps to the fence and run the ropes through the door handles of cars, making a big tent where we could worship. Then our photocopied hymn sheets would not get wet.”

Fact: Indonesia is the most populated Muslim nation in the world.

To Try: To make a “pole church,” tie or tape the corners of a sheet to four long poles. Secure them with rubber bands. Anchor each pole through the supports on a chair. Tape one end of each pole to a chair leg. Sit under the sheet and sing Christian songs as the Indonesian Christians do in their outdoor church. Pray for Christians in Indonesia.


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