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Eager to Learn About Jesus

LaosA Christian Student in Laos

Many villagers in Laos are eager to learn more about God and Jesus. The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a report from Christians who went to a village to teach Bible lessons to men, women, and children at a house church in Laos.

The people were very poor. “At the room where the team taught the children, there were more than 100 children an only three or four pairs of sandals were left outside the room,” said one of the teachers. (Villagers in Laos leave their shoes at the door when they enter a house.) The rest of the children had no shoes.

“Each of the children really paid attention to the things the team taught them,” said a teacher. “They were hungry for God’s Word, and asked the teachers not to stop teaching them. The teachers continued until 1 a.m. and did not even have time to take a shower! Then the teachers had to get some rest. The children came again at 5 a.m. with their books and pens waiting for the teachers to get up and teach them again.”

“Thank God that he loves the children and gives them strength to live even though they have few clothes to wear and no sandals for their feet!” said a teacher.

To Discuss: Village Christians in Laos are often persecuted for their faith in Christ. Do you think the persecution might make their faith more precious to them and make them eager to learn more about it?



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