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Following Jesus in Pakistan

PakistanAnita and her children in their shop

Sarah, Shane, and Sami live with their mother, Anita, and their grandparents in Pakistan. Their mother loves Jesus and hopes her children will follow him all their lives.

The children’s father recently left the family because Anita would not agree to become a Muslim. He used to be a Christian, but was not walking closely with Jesus and was tempted to explore Islam, the religion of most of the people in Pakistan. He wanted his wife to join him in denying Christ.

Anita knows she and her children will have difficulty meeting their daily needs without her husband’s support. VOM is helping her start a small business.

Please ask God to take care of the family, and to help them continue to follow him, even in hard times. Pray that the children’s father will have a true change of heart and will follow Jesus, too. Ask God to strengthen Christians in Muslim lands who are tempted to leave their faith.



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