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100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians: #71–80

  1. Save the fronts of Christmas cards to use as postcards for Christian prisoners.
  2. Design a poster or mural about Christians who have suffered for their faith.
  3. Use Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 107:19 as prayers for persecuted Christians.
  4. Put on a puppet show about today’s heroes of the faith.
  5. Share about persecuted Christians at family meals or devotions.
  6. Pray for persecutors to repent and follow Jesus.
  7. Start a letter-writing club to write to Christian prisoners. (See
  8. Send VOM resources to a U.S. prison chaplain to share with prisoners.
  9. Have a car wash to earn funds for a project to help the persecuted.
  10. Make a list of hymns about persecution for events where persecution is discussed.


2 Responses to 100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians: #71–80

  1. How would we send the front of Christmas cards as post cards to the prisoners? When I clicked on the link it seems to be all on the computer.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for your message.
    To send your own greeting or card, go to and click on the name of the prisoner you choose. Then click on “Write a Letter.” Next, even if you are not sending your greeting through the site, choose a phrase in the prisoner’s language and click “Add Phrase.” Next click “Continue.” You will find the prisoner’s address under “Preview: Address.” Use that address on your card. The post office can tell you the exact amount of postage to add.
    Blessing, Kids of Courage


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