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100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians: #21–30

  1. Make paper flags to remind you to pray for countries where Christians are persecuted.
  2. Write letters to missionaries or soldiers serving in countries hostile to Christians.
  3. Visit the VOM online bookstore to shop for gifts.
  4. Make a doorknob hanger as a reminder to pray for struggling Christians.
  5. Send Bibles and Christian materials to countries where such materials are limited. Learn more about VOM’s Bibles to Captive Nations project.
  6. Make or buy a rubber stamp that says, “Pray for [name of persecuted Christian].”
  7. Share VOM videos or other resources with a youth pastor.
  8. Use time waiting in checkout lines to pray for persecuted Christians.
  9. Make a bracelet to remind you to pray for suffering Christians.
  10. Buy a book about a Christian martyr. Read it, then donate it to a library.

3 Responses to 100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians: #21–30

  1. I am in Barton Vt. I run a womens sober house through our church. I also am a teen youth group leader. I am looking for people to write to for our teens, to let them know we are praying for them. Would love any ideas. Thankyou and praise God for you kids of courage!


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