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VOM in Action: Report from Asia

Houses in Asia

Has your family ever moved to a different house? Moving is a lot of work! You have to look for another house, talk to the owner about buying or renting it, find a time to move, pack up all your stuff and find a truck to move it in, drive to the new place, and unpack everything.

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs recently returned from a trip to Asia, and he told a story about moving. The worker and some friends from the country met with a Christian who is often persecuted for following Christ. While they visited, the Christian got a phone call. The caller threatened to harm his because of his faith.

The VOM worker and his friends helped the man move to a different house where the caller could not find him as easily. The man had already moved seven times because of threats! Possibly his eighth move will not be his last if his enemies find him again.

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