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Another Corrie ten Boom Story

Do you ever worry about persecution coming to you or your family? A girl named Corrie ten Boom worried about that. She feared that she would never be strong enough to suffer for her faith.

Corrie’s father was a wise man. He told her to think about all the times they had taken a train trip. Then he asked Corrie, “When do I give you the ticket for the trip?” Three weeks before we go?”

“No,” answered Corrie. “You give me the ticket right before we get on the train.” Corrie’s father told her that our wise heavenly Father knows just when we are going to need things, too. “Today you don’t need the strength to suffer for your faith. But as soon as you are called upon for the honor of suffering for Jesus, he will give you the strength you need, just in time.”

Corrie’s father was right. When she grew up, she was sent to prison for following God’s call to help rescue Jews who were chased by Nazis. After she got out of prison, Corrie traveled around the world. She told people how God taught her to forgive those who treated her badly in prison. She had learned how to trust God to help her through hard times.

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