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News and Sports from Afghanistan


An Unusual Sport

Buzkashi is a favorite sport in Afghanistan. Some fans dream of seeing the sport played in the Olympics someday. Others say it would not be accepted in many countries.

Buzkashi teams ride on horseback. As in football, the players try to get control of an object and take it to a scoring area. But the object is not a ball; it’s a dead, headless goat or calf. Buzkashi is a difficult and dangerous sport. Players compete to win money and prizes.

Christians in Afghanistan

It is a crime in Afghanistan for a Muslim to change their faith to Christianity or any other religion. Witnessing to Muslims about Jesus is illegal. So it is not easy for Muslims to learn that Jesus can save them from sin.

But Christians are broadcasting Christian radio programs into the country from outside Afghanistan. One program tells Christians how they can grow in their faith. Another helps those who are seeking the truth to find it. A third is a radio version of the Jesus Film. Pray for those who are listening.


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