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Message from a Christian in a Muslim Country


Brother X is a Christian who works in a Middle Eastern country where preaching the gospel is against the law. He was asked, “How do you feel knowing that people are praying for you?”

Brother X answered, “Living in a place that forbids Christian worship, or even discussion of the gospel, can be very frustrating. The most important thing to me is knowing that even though I may be alone physically, I am not alone spiritually!

“Each day as I face new challenges, I can be sure that my Christian brothers and sisters around the world are standing with me in prayer. As we face new and growing persecution, we can stand firm in our faith when we remember those who are cheering us on.

“Being far away from this country does not stop you from changing the nation. From where you are, you can be part of the most exciting missions work in history through your prayers. I invite you to become part of the greatest adventure in the history of man: bringing the gospel to unreached nations.”

(Source: Christians in Crisis)


4 Responses to Message from a Christian in a Muslim Country

  1. To Think About: What persecuted country have your prayed for this week? What did you ask God on behalf of that country?

    • I prayed for the young girl kidnapped long ago from school in Nigeria who would not recant her faith in Jesus and so has not been returned home. I also prayed for her parents and the Country as a whole. My prayer is for God to grant them 10X His Peace and strength to endure such a hard trial (an understatement). That they would definitely know /feel His Presence. And of course that she may be released by His Grace. Meanwhile, her witness does not go in vain but glorifies God to her enemies
      In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.


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