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Hard to Find a Bible

Farsi Bible

A teacher in Iran decided to follow Jesus after hearing the gospel on a Christian satellite TV program! He wanted to read a Bible, but had no way to get one. “I checked all the bookstores in Tehran to find a copy, but could not,” he said. (Tehran is the capital of Iran.)

Fifteen months went by, and the man still had not found a Bible. He started to write down all the verses he heard in sermons on the Christian TV broadcasts. He put pages of the verses together to make a small book.

The man began to share his faith with his students and others, and soon there was a group of 30 new Christians who met every week to worship God together. But none of them had a Bible.

One day, one of the members found out he could read the Bible on the Internet. Each member of the group printed different pages of the Bible on their computers to make one book. “Our Bible consisted of 1014 pages,” said the teacher. “It was very hard and dangerous to move around.”

It is illegal in Iran for Muslims to become Christians, so the man was scared to let anyone know about his group’s need for Bibles. But finally he called the TV station that broadcast Christian programs. The people at the station arranged for everyone in his group to get a Bible. “I cannot describe the happiness and joy we felt,” the man said.

(Source: Iran Alive Ministries)

Learn about The Voice of the Martyrs’ project to provide Bibles for believers in countries where Christians are persecuted and about how you can help here.


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  1. To Think About: From where you are sitting now, how long would it take you to get your hands on a Bible? Less than five minutes? Pray for Christians who want Bibles to be able to get them. Read your Bible today.


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