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Being Quiet


A Christian woman in Iran told a VOM contact about meeting with other Christians in her apartment to worship God. “We can’t sing very loudly, or the neighbors would know,” said the woman. “We never have more than 20 in our group.” To remind the Christians to speak quietly, the group makes anyone who talks too loudly pay a small penalty of about a dollar. Then the money is used as a church offering.

Of course, the Christians cannot use musical instruments, or the police could easily find them. So the woman taps quietly on the bottom of a cooking pot to keep time when they sing. During the services, children attend a “Sunday school” class in another room. The teacher gives them song sheets, but they are not allowed to sing. Instead, they memorize the song silently and sing it six months later when the Christians travel into the countryside to worship.

To Try: Hold a worship service or Sunday school class during which no one talks or sings above a whisper. Pray quietly for Christians in Iran.