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Vacation Bible School Faces Challenges

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VOM received a report about a VBS for children, held in the West Bank. An organizer of the VBS wrote:

“In June we announced that we are going to be reaching out to the kids in the community from ages 5-12. We were asked what kind of outreaches, and we explained Bible stories, Bibles songs, games etc. We were warned that this is something not accepted in the neighborhood especially by the Muslim neighbors around the Outreach Center….

On day two my tires were flattened, day three our flowers and plants in the front entrance were ripped out of the ground and stepped on, day four more vandalism, and day five tires were slashed. But here is the bright side, in the 4 classes we had more than 78 kids come and more than 25 kids from different religions received Christ as their Father, a new outreach began which will now be held on every Friday the largest day of prayer for the Muslims, and lives will be changed forever.”


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