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Boys Smuggle Bibles into China


David, age 14, and Steven, age 13, recently smuggled Bibles into China. Before the trip, the American teenagers were coached by an experienced smuggler who was joining them on the trip.

David and Steven packed Bibles in backpacks that they carried on their backs. David made sure to pack some children’s Bibles for Chinese children. The boys carried their travel supplies in other bags. They hoped the officials in China would not search their backpacks, and they prayed for the success of their trip.

“What happens if they catch one of us?” David and Steven asked their coach. “Let the authorities take the Bibles,” the coach answered. “That may distract the guards and allow the other smugglers to get in with their Bibles. Then you can meet each other at a pre-planned location later.”

David and Steven arrived in China, and the time came for them to walk past the inspectors at the airport. “I wondered if they might shoot me or put me in jail,” said Steven. “They had guns.”

Suddenly the officials pulled Steven out of the line, saying he was sick and they needed to take his temperature. “I knew he wasn’t sick,” said David. “I was afraid they found out he had Bibles.”

“It made me nervous,” said Steven.

The officials let Steven go after taking his temperature. The boys agreed that the scariest part of the trip was putting their travel bags on the scanner for the inspectors at the airport. But they made it through!

The smugglers walked to a place where they had planned to meet a Chinese Christian. They met the Christian and then took a bus to a secret apartment. The Bibles would be stored at the apartment until they could be delivered to Christians who needed them.

“The hardest part was walking up six stories to the apartment with our bags and not making any noise,” said David. “I got really sweaty and tired and out of breath.

“It’s really stressful to smuggle Bibles. But I was thinking of the children who would get the Bibles.”