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Trouble for Christian Kids at School

Children in school
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Anne, Shan, Chandra, Mary, Kalash, and Nadia are friends in Pakistan. They all live on the same street, and they all went to the same school. Kalash is a boy, and the others are girls.

Pakistan is a Muslim country, and the six friends are Christians. At school, they were required to say Muslim prayers, learn verses from the Quran, and sing Muslim songs. (The Quran is the Muslim holy book.) Their parents were concerned when the children began to say some of the Quran verses at home.

Muslim children at the school did not like the six Christian children. They would not sit with the Christians at lunch or play with them during breaks.

Then things got even worse. Children at the school heard the news about Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who is in jail. Muslims had accused Asia of speaking against Islam, the religion of Muslims.

In Pakistan, no one may say anything against Islam or damage a Quran. Anyone accused of dishonoring Islam can be sent to jail for breaking the “blasphemy laws.” Some bold Pakistanis who spoke out against the blasphemy laws were threatened and attacked.

Muslim children at the school hated the Christians even more because of the arguments about the blasphemy laws reported in the news. The Christians started staying home from school. “We will not go to that school,” they said to their parents.

The six friends stayed home for about three weeks. The children and their parents asked God to help them. Then some Christians in their town arranged for the children to go to a private Christian school where they are not hated and do not have to study Islam. “The children and their parents are really excited and happy for this blessing,” said one of the Christians who helped them.

Many Christian children in Pakistan still go to schools where they are forced to learn Muslim teachings. Please pray that they will stay strong in their faith in Jesus.

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