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Ramadan in the Quran

A muslim girl pointing out sura in the Quran

The Muslim holy book, the Quran, is divided into 114 chapters, or “suras.” Each chapter is divided into verses. Chapter 2, Verse 185 tells Muslims to fast during Ramadan, by the command of Allah, who Muslims worship.

“He desireth not hardship for you,” the verse also says. “Allah desireth for you ease.”

Chapter 97 tells about the “Night of Power,” one of the last nights of Ramadan. Verse 3 says the night is “better than a thousand months.” Muslims believe that prayer requests are answered on the Night of Power. Some Muslims read the entire Quran, and are open to dreams, visions, and revelations during the night.

To Do: Pray that Jesus will reveal himself to Muslims who seek the truth on the Night of Power.


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