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Message from Malaysia


In Malaysia it is against the law for Christians to witness about Jesus to Muslims.

A Christian from Malaysia who used to be a Muslim shared the following testimony with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs.

When I was very sick, a Christian prayed for me and I was healed! I started going to prayer meetings and searching the Internet to learn more about Jesus. My wife and son and I quietly went to church. But the pastor asked us to leave because he was afraid the church would get in trouble with the government for allowing Muslims to visit. The same thing happened to us at another church.

My wife was disappointed with the Christians. Then my father-in-law found out we were Christians. He threatened to report us to the authorities if we didn’t return to Islam. My wife said she would be a Muslim. I said I would not.

The authorities asked my son what I taught him. He answered, “Daddy teaches me about Jesus and that Jesus stays in our heart and is God.” The court divorced me from my wife and she was awarded custody of my son and all our property.

I slept in the train station for two weeks. Luke 9:58 comforted me. Jesus is becoming so real to me. God is a good God.

To Think About: Read Luke 9:58. Why do you think this was a comfort to the Malaysian Christian?



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