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Bible Smuggler Game

The leader of a group of U.S. kids in grades 3 through 6 emailed VOM about a game they played to help them understand Bible smuggling. Read the description below.

We played “Bible Smuggler” in the dark. We brought in several friends to be “guerrillas,” and the kids were “smugglers.” A boys’ team competed against a girls’ team to successfully take the most “Bibles” one at a time from one end of our camp to the other.

Each team started with the same number of “Bibles” (plastic disks, one color for each team) to take to a bucket at the finishing line. They had to avoid being caught by the guerrillas’ “ray guns” (flashlights). If the flashlight shone on them, they had to give up their “Bible.” Both teams managed to get five Bibles to the finishing line.

Note: Thank you, readers, who share your ideas!