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Message from a VOM Friend

A worker at one of The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister missions in another country spoke about her recent visit to a Muslim country to encourage persecuted Christians. Read below what she said.

To be honest, I found it a bit scary to go to this country. Almost every week there is bad news about the country. One time a terrorist hid a bomb in his bicycle. Another time a bomb exploded in a market. “It’s not a nice country to visit,” I said to myself.

I have only one solution for this kind of fear, and that is prayer. Many people prayed for me. One the day of my trip, I woke up singing “the Lord will bless you and keeps you.” From that moment I didn’t feel scared anymore, except once.

We visited a Christian family, and the people in the neighborhood found our visit very interesting. Many people climbed on the roof of the family’s house, and they didn’t look friendly. We heard a siren, and someone threw a stone at us. We started to pray, and the girl in the family sang a song to God.

I came back home safely, but my heart is still in the country I visited.

To Think About: Does courage mean doing something scary without feeling fear, or doing it anyway even if you are afraid?


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