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Ramadan 2021

[Photo: Muslims praying at a mosque]

Throughout the month of Ramadan on the Muslim calendar, Muslim youth and adults all over the world fast between sunrise and sunset. This year, Ramadan will begin on April 12th and will end on May 12th. (Dates may vary.)

*Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? Celebrating Ramadan is one of the “Five Pillars” Muslims believe they must do to be good Muslims. They believe they will go to paradise when they die if they do more good deeds than bad. Christians know that no humans are righteous enough to save themselves through good works.
To do. Read Romans 3:22-25 and Ephesians 2:8-9. Find out more about Muslim beliefs on the chart “Comparing Basic Beliefs in Christianity and Islam” in the Beliefs section of this site.

*Keeping Ramadan traditions can be difficult. Older kids, especially those who play sports, may have difficulty not eating or drinking during daylight hours. They may not be able to concentrate in school. Besides fasting, some Muslims try to read then entire Quran (the Muslim holy book) and give to charity. But other Muslims mainly enjoy having special meals, exchanging gifts, watching TV programs and ads created just for Ramadan, and spending more time on social media.

Normally Muslims gather with friends and relatives before sunrise and after sunset, and they may attend prayers at their mosque more often. This year, coronavirus restrictions may make keeping Ramadan traditions even more difficult, preventing them from celebrating in groups. Some will watch mosque activities online.

Pray that Muslims will encounter Christian truths on social media and TV.