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The Four-Legged Smuggler


After several boxes packed with 200 Bibles were strapped to its back, the donkey and its handler headed for the Syrian border, hoping to make it through security and into the war-torn country. They had previously used the same route to smuggle 50 Bibles to a group of Syrian believers, but more Bibles were needed thanks to the growing number of Muslims turning to Jesus.

When they arrived at the border checkpoint with their cargo of 200 Bibles, they were turned away by armed guards. But instead of conceding defeat, the donkey’s handler took a calculated risk: He led the donkey along the border until they were out of view of the guards and then quietly sent the donkey across the border by itself.

The donkey already knew the rugged mile-long path into Syria and had been rewarded with a candy bar on its last trip, so the handler was confident that it could make the trip without his help. And since donkeys transport all kinds of goods across the border, including contraband like drugs and weapons, the pack animal wouldn’t look suspicious.

Shortly after the donkey crossed the border alone, the handler received a text message from his contacts in Syria — shipment received.

“It’s the most unique Bible smuggling story I’ve heard,” a VOM worker said. But as unusual as the story is, the truly amazing aspect is the growing demand for Bibles coming from former Muslims in Syria.

“To know the Bibles are going in is an indicator that there is growth among these believers,” another VOM worker said. “That is exciting.”