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Saving a Generation


When 9-year-old Jovia Mulungi opened her Bible for the first time, she knew it would change her life. Even at her age, she understood that God’s Word and the life lessons it contains would set her on the right path.

“I want to learn about making choices because it’s good,” she said. “I do not want to lie. I do not want to fight with my friends. I want to be obedient to my mother and father. Thank you for giving me this book to read about the choices people made. I want to become like Jesus. Pray for me.”

VOM distributes children’s Bibles in rural parts of Uganda, where Islam is spreading rapidly and Bibles are rare even among adults. Parents there are thrilled when their children receive their own Bibles.

“I have read this book as if reading a novel, cover to cover, to find out if there is any fault in it before I can allow my children to use it,” said Bridget Muwanga, the parent of another child who received a Bible. “I realized that I need it first before I can pass it on. It challenges me on the choices I have made. We are now going through it as a family, challenging one another. My husband just loves it.”

As the Bibles were distributed to a group of Christian children, some nearby Muslim children asked if they could have a copy, too. Members of the distribution team happily gave them each a copy of their own.

“We thank God for this ministry and pray that we can touch so many children and families with the love of God through this material,” a member of the distribution team said. “Making the right choices is always a challenge, but when we nurture children through this material we are surely saving a whole generation.”