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Releasing God’s Word

Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio recently interviewed Reed Olson. Reed helps The Voice of the Martyrs get Bibles and other Christian materials into places where Bibles can be hard to find. Read below about Reed’s work and a VOM website that has Christian books and videos in 80 languages.

(Source: VOM Radio, condensed and edited)

Reed: They are saying that by 2025 — so four years from now — 75 percent of all the people in the world that access the Internet will access it by their mobile phones. What does that mean? So now instead of smuggling things and all the dangers that presents, you can beam in videos, books, Bibles at the touch of a finger.

Todd: We have told stories about Somalia — if you are carrying a paper Bible down the street in Somalia, you are likely to be killed. But everybody has a phone.

Reed: Exactly.

Todd: How is The Voice of the Martyrs taking advantage of that?

Reed: Three years ago, we did something kind of revolutionary. We created the website We decided we were going to put resources on the site in print and especially film. We have resources in over 80 languages on the site that can be freely viewed, streamed, downloaded, and shared with other people. People are loving it. People are getting saved, people are starting churches, people are getting ministered to in ways they never had.

“Thank God,” they write me. “Thank God that we are able to use the for people who don’t have a way to go to church.” I am so excited about this!

Todd (to listeners): We have been talking about a website These resources are free. You can download them, you can use them, you can share them as a way of sharing the gospel.

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