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Food for Stranded Refugees

(Source: icommittopray)

A group of people, mostly Muslims, have taken over part of a church’s property in Lebanon. They plant food crops on the land, care for the crops, pick them, and distribute them among their friends and neighbors. How do you think the pastor of the church feels about their activities? Actually, the pastor offered them the property to use as a garden, and he welcomes them!

The families who plant the crops are refugees who fled from Syria to escape a war. (Photo above: Syrian refugee children) Many have been stranded in Lebanon for five to 10 years with no way to go home.

The Voice of the Martyrs provides food to another pastor in Lebanon, who then takes the food to refugee families in their homes. The project gives the pastor the opportunity to visit refugees and share the gospel with them as God leads him.

Learn more about what’s going on in Lebanon here.

To Talk About
Do you think it’s wise for the pastor to let Muslims plant crops on his land? Why or why not?

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